Dented Helmet Painter

First off, a big thank you to Josh for taking the interview.  I wanted a way to highlight that owning Boba Fett Gelcoat helmet is really just the start of a long journey.  Next comes finding an artist that is talented and dedicated enough to create a screen accurate replica.  But who are these mysterious prop painters?  Well hopefully this interview helps shed some light (or darkness) on what it takes to create a jaw dropping Boba Fett Helmet and introduces you to the talent that makes it happen.


Name: Josh Adams

Hometown: Melbourne, Florida

DOB: June 5 1985

Currently Living: Maryville, Tennessee

How did you get your start in Prop Painting?

The convention and cosplay scene isn’t as big in the city I live in compared to other places, so anytime I’ve seen pictures or videos of people’s props they made or painted I told my self I want to do that! I asked around and was referred to Wasted_Fett, got one of his blank cast and well here I am!

How Long have you been painting?

4+ years painting in general.

Whats your painting experience?

I’ve been painting models since childhood, I have a background in auto body and painting cars.

Image of a painted Boba Fett Helmet by Slave One
Check out those Kills Stripes

Starving Artist or Lame 9-5?

More like starving from my lame 9-5 job Ha! 14 years in a hot factory working 40+ hours a week.

How long does it take you to paint a helmet?

Currently it takes me roughly 1-2 months, it definitely doesn’t happen over night, you can’t put a rush on Boba! The assembly takes a little time but the cast that Wasted_Fett makes is so spot on and flawless there is hardly any paint prep work at all! Working with mostly acrylic paint, cure times are fast but I like to give a little extra time between colors.

Do you paint other types of props?

At the moment I’ve only painted the ESB style helmet, I plan on doing a full PrePro1 Boba for my self. I am open to painting any and all of Boba’s armor I enjoy challenging myself so please bring it on!

Whats the typical turn around time?

I’m giving my self about 2 months turn around time right now which that is probably overkill, only because I do work a full time job. I’m improving my work bench to help flow the whole painting process which should reduce my turn around time.

Whats the most difficult part of the helmet to paint?

The iconic right back panel is definitely the most time consuming for me, so much madness in the one spot that makes the ESB helmet a beautiful masterpiece!

What’s the most satisfying part of painting a boba fett helmet?

I don’t do this for a living, I’m not looking to make a fortune, I do this purely out of my passion/obsession for Boba Fett and my love for Star Wars! I just want to share that with other fanatics such as my self, that is what i find most satisfying.

The Hardest part of the Boba Fett Helmet to Paint
This helmet would make any Mandalorian Proud

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer?

I’m a more of a hunter… a Bounty Hunter!

Would you rather fight 1 Horse sized duck or 100 ducks size horses?

Definitely 1 horse sized duck, because horses just weird me out to be honest…

Whats the best way for people to contact you?

Instagram: slav3_0n3

Any last words?

I am honored and greatly appreciate this opportunity and I will always give 110% in all of my work!