My Boba Fett Costume

The basic parts consist of two things:

  • Soft Parts

  • Hard parts

My email is full of requests for people looking for a costume not a movie accurate replica.  My costume is in the thousands of dollars before we even take into account my time and skill.  If you’re looking for a costume that you are going to wear once and you want to look like Boba Fett and not actually be him.  Check out this costume, and look at the price…being Boba isn’t cheap.

Star Wars Boba Fett  Supreme Edition Costume

In Comparison to Wasted Fett’s Boba Fett Costume

All the soft and hard parts come from different makers as it would be very difficult and time consuming for one person to make everything. It would also take much longer for someone to receive their parts. Even someone who starts offering more than one thing often starts to have longer and longer wait times. So when you start choosing a Boba Fett prop maker, always ask what their wait time is.

If you’re buying something on a specific forum, look at their post count. How long have they been on that site? Are there any complaints on that specific maker? Do they ask for money right away? These are just some of the questions that I ask myself when I look at buying from people on forums.

Wasted Fett Troopin

Another important thing to think about when building your Boba Fett, is remembering to check off items in the 501st CRL if you plan on officially trooping with them.

Wasted Fett – All Dressed Up

Boba Fett Flight Suit

Boba Fett Flight Suit
Han Solo
Photo of Wasted Fett, Daniel Logan, & Lady Arkady standing together
Millennium Falcom
Anakin Skywalker

The flight suit comes in a great light sky blue color that looks great when its weathered. She asks for measurements so when you’re ready to order, you’ll have to have a tape measure and have someone measure you. Even though I did give her my measurements, I still went to a seamstress afterwards to get everything tailored to fit. You don’t want it to look too baggy when you’re trooping.

Remember, even though this isn’t the most expensive part of your costume, it’s the one thing that will stand out the biggest since it’s your bottom layer and the darn thing is blue. So once you get your flight suit, put it on and make sure it fits perfect. Watch those Boba Fett Scenes over and over!

Boba Fett Neck Seal

It’s nice and comfy, but very hot during the summer troops. It’s made of tackle twill and closes in the front.


Boba Fett Vest

This piece is made of tackle twill that supports the chest and back armor. I use button snaps to attach the armor on the vest. I also cut out two slits in the back so the straps from the scuba harness can feed through. On the front, I cut out a slit so I could feed through the cable that comes from the chest armor light display, into a battery pack.

Boba Fett Cape

My cape measures 30 x 36 as per 501st CRL requirements. Recently, people have found that a trapper wool blanket may be the piece that was used in the Star Wars movies. So, I will soon replace my cape with the trapper blanket when I get the chance (and courage) to cut the blanket.

Boba Fett Wookie Scalps

Boba Fett Wookie Scalps

My scalps are made from real horsehair. Even though the CRL says real horsehair for level 2 certification, if you look at movie stills, the Wookie scalps don’t really resemble horse hair. They actually look artificial. But, these do still look and feel great.

Boba Fett Gloves

Boba Fett Gloves
Boba Fett Padding

Boba Fett Ammo Belt

This is a rare item nowadays. Made of real leather, the quality of the belt it superb and has lasted through multiple troops.   I haven’t seen a maker that makes functional belts though, but it isn’t a show stopper since the pleather pouches can’t really hold much.  Contact me if you need help sourcing this part.

The Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

Boba Fett Shin Tools

With these tools in hand and a little help from our friends at BFFC, I put together my shin tool kit.

Boba Fett Girth Belt

Jango Fett Decapitation

This belt is made of mohair. I actually got this girth belt from Dove Saddlery and I still get a free catalog from them from time to time. I got a size 34 even though my waist is a 32 because with the cod piece and kidney armor you have to account for those pieces being in the way. I got this color by actually soaking it in China Minwax red latex stain, so you’re best bet is to buy your girth belt in a natural color.

Boba Fett Hip Pouches

Close up of the Boba Fett hip pouch

Boba Fett Boots

Star Wars Holiday Special

Only one way to go with this one. The Man of War boots are the best our there. They are very well made and can stand the rigors of trooping, plus they look very accurate. They come un-weathered, so you’ll to do that yourself. As for the metal toe spikes, you have to install those yourself. These ones came from a member on the The Dented Helmet, whose name I have long since forgotten.

Boba Fett Helmet

This is a FPH2 Helmet, this helmet was made using a fiberglass cold cast method. The helmet is painted by Fett4Real (Dom Cairoli). More on this later…

Boba Fett Jetpack

 This jetpack was made by Fettpride in 2014. It’s a polyester / fiberglass design. Like my helmet, it was painted by Fett4Real.

Boba Fett raw cast jetpack next to a finished jetpack

Boba Fett Armor / Gauntlets / Knee Armor

Can’t go wrong with FettPride, it’s accurate and easy to work with. The only thing is, is that the armor is a little thin.  When I make the armor (which will be sooner than later), I’ll be using .080 ABS to make sure the armor stands up to trooping. Fett4Real painted, of course.

Boba Fett Metal Greeblies

Boba Fett Rocket Launcher
Boba Fett Gauntlet
Boba Fett's Jetpack

I have a couple things that I’ve replaced from your standard polyurethane. One of which is my gauntlet rocket. It’s painted by Fett4Real and purchased from Darkside (Fabrizio). He’s from Italy and makes parts for other costumes like Darth Vader. I’ve also purchased all my intial metal parts from him, including my jet pack stabilizer, beacon light, rocket collar, and shoulder keys. And since I’ve been trooping in the Boba for about 3 years, I’ve managed to lose my knee pad darts, so those were replaced quickly from Machine Craft Replicas.

Boba Fett Weapons

I have a Bronze Webley replicated from Hand Schaub. It’s a great piece and extremely accurate since I’ve held the actual Webley in my hands. The only downfall to having an accurate piece is that it’s heavy and carrying it is horrible because you will get tired. The upside is that when you ask someone to hold it, they’re surprised that the thing is so heavy that they ask if it’s a real gun.

I use my Pulce 40 from Technicsub that I use in my troops. The thing took me two years to locate and I finally got one from some guy who collected spear guns in France. The Tecnhicsub is an extremely rare piece that most Fetts don’t own, or if they do, don’t troop in. Kinda crazy to have a piece that is barely visible in Empire Strikes Back.

So, that’s most of my stuff. A lot to items to have and find, but one of the reasons to dress up as Boba Fett is the thrill of the hunt, since Boba is a Bounty Hunter!