Name: Dom Cairoli

Hometown: Kamino

DOB: 35 Years Old

Currently Living: Yes

How did you get your start in Prop Painting?

In 2009 while in New Mexico living in a small hotel room while at Kirtland AFB I decided I would put together the most awesome Star Wars Character’s (Boba Fett) Costume. I started Googling and found and began building my own suit. From there I offered commissions for other members a few years later.

How Long have you been painting?

I cant remember a time I haven’t been an artist.

Whats your painting experience?

I actually went to Art School, have painted, drawn, sculpted etc…. since I can remember. I like building things and painting them up.

Front View of a boba fett helmet
all around views of boba fett helmet
Holiday Special Boba Fett Helmet

Starving Artist or Lame 9-5?

A little of both, I am in the Air Force a Father/Husband and a painter. The painting/building is sort of a hobby that I do to let me build my own costume and improve my craft. Its also lead to some pretty cool things, like working with Gino at EFX on their Fett helmet, and other TDH members on the Daniel Logan Project.

How long does it take you to paint a helmet?

Painting a helmet takes about 40-50 hours in total…. there are a lot of layers which makes it take weeks. I normally take about 2 months or so with my real job and family taking up my time.

Do you paint other types of props?

I paint anything and everything, I’m currently wrapping up a full set of armor gaunts jetpack and helmet for a TDH member now.

Whats the typical turn around time?

All depends on the deadline the client has, time is money as the saying goes. Sometimes you get a person in a rush and I make sacrifices and other times I can take my time. Wasteland (aka Wasted_Fett) came to me years ago asking to paint all of his ESB armor helmet jetpack and gaunts for Halloween Hooning in Vegas, I painted everything in about 6 weeks.

Whats the most difficult part of the helmet to paint?

I don’t have one area Id say is more difficult really….they’re all pretty much the same.

Boba Fett Jetpack

What’s the most satisfying part of painting a boba fett helmet?

Seeing my children (Fetts Ive painted) posting pics or in person at a con.

Favorite Star Wars get together?

I enjoy gatherings we have at cons.

Whats the best way for people to contact you?

Instagram: fett_4_real