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The Max Rebo Band is a fictional alien pop music band that appeared in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi as in-house performers for crime lord Jabba the Hutt. The original lineup consisted of the blue-skinned Ortolan keyboardist Max Rebo, a plump Kitonak woodwind player named Droopy McCool, and the spindly-legged Pa’lowick lead singer Sy Snootles. Their role in the Star Wars canon is elaborated upon in several Star Wars expanded universe short stories and comics.
The group are classified as Jizz-wailers, which, according to the Star Wars Encyclopedia, refers to a “musician who plays a fast, contemporary, and upbeat style of music.”
Max and Droopy were portrayed by actors in bodysuits, while Sy was operated by two puppeteers who were stationed above and beneath the set. For the 1997 Special Edition re-release of Return of the Jedi, the band gained nine new members while Sy Snootles was computer-generated.

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